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Wycked Velvet, the beginning

Wycked Velvet began as a memory.
A memory of my past.
A memory of a red woolen coat made by my Mother.
A memory of the Gypsies who lived up the street in a pink house.
Mostly a memory of my Grandmoher, Mama Chuey.
Mama Chuey who sent me to learn what I could from the Gypsies,
who told me stories,
who pulled the hummingbirds from my hair, and told me the hummingbirds were my bird.

Mama Chuey who laughed and sang everyday of her life.

Grandma was a legend.
She taught me what she felt I needed to know…sewing, crocheting, embroidery, ironing, cooking, picking yerbas, drying yerbas and of course the healing.
This is what she thought I needed to know, and oh, so much more.
She first showed me how to hand-sew small red pouches to carry your herbs.
Women would pin them to their bras.
The sacred herb is always with you.

People would come from afar for Grandma to help them.
We would also travel long distances to other Medicinemen for guidance.
Out into the desert we would go, my uncle driving, getting to the little cabin late at night.
Throughout the night they would sit on these wooden benches, til dawn.

I was four and could not sit so long.
I would be sent outside.
There was sky so dark, there were hardly spaces between the stars.
The air so cold my breath would look like clouds.

These are some of my memories, and as you continue the story, you will see how I translate these memories into clothes, jewelry and accessories.

Thank you for stopping.
I hope you enjoyed the small journey.

My clothes and my accessories are made and chosen with intentions.
Each designed for a purpose.
Each made to fill your senses with memories of your good journeys.

I am Velvet, Storyteller of Wycked Velvet.

Blessed Be.

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